L Family

2 years ago we were capturing the wedding of these two...and now they have added a special four-legged family member to their home! Even better, they will be adding another little guy in 2018, we are so excited for the L family! 

T Family

The T family brought the family dog to their session this year! He hasn't been doing so well lately, and we hope the medicine he is on continues to improve his way of life...but we are so glad he came to our session and we were able to capture this special time with the kids! 

S family

We had to wait a few weeks to post this full session of the S family...because they used their photo session to announce their upcoming new addition to the family!! We love keeping secrets for our clients and having photo sessions that have a little extra surprise and excitement in them! 

C family

The C family added a new member about 4 weeks ago! They are just in love with little Nora, and it was time to update their family photos! Even their dog joined in, and did an awesome job sitting still for a close up with Nora! 

Matt and Mollie

Matt and Mollie are getting married this October! We had a wonderful engagement session this weekend, and even taped their "love story' video for the wedding reception (you can watch the video at the bottom of the page) they event brought their two daughters (their dogs) with them to celebrate in the occasion!  

Z Family

I was so thrilled we were able to reschedule the Z family session after all my Lincoln sessions were rained out last month! We had a great session in the park, and so did their dog! What a perfect little family of 3! 

H family

I met the H family for the first time last week, and we had a great day at the park, dog included! I loved seeing these two little ones interact! I know they will be the best of friends, and I was thrilled to capture how little they both are at this moment in time! 

S Family

This is the second year I've had the pleasure of photographing the S Family...but it is the first year I got to meet their dogs! This family is still relatively new to Omaha, but so far they seem to love it! What a fun session this weekend! 

J & A

J & A were so awesome during yesterday's session! These two will be getting married in downtown Omaha this fall... and we decided an engagement session was a great way to scope out awesome locations for the wedding party ! Rex came with us too!
Looking forward to celebrating with them at their wedding soon! 

A & T

A & T were such a fun couple to photograph! They even brought their dog along to do photos with as well! These two recently moved into a new place, and wanted to get lots of photos to decorate their walls. We had an absolute blast taking photos, and even had a short nature walk to explore more of the park. 

Punk The Horse

Punk the horse and his rider Carol had a great session with me this past weekend. It was Carol's dream to have a horse she could ride and take care of, and these two are quite the match! We went down to a field to take pictures of Punk and Carol fulfilling her dream! Such a fun and unique session! 


This is Cleocatra (Cleo for short). She is my cousin's hairless cat. You'd never guess from the looks of it, but she has quite a pleasant demeanor. Another surprise, her peach fuzz hair makes her amazingly soft. 
She is just full of surprises :)

I love photographing her when she comes to visit from Oklahoma, because whatever angle, whatever lighting, however she poses...she always looks like a cat that will attack you when you sleep. Our family loves our pets, and we are very much cat people! Pet sessions are some of my favorite sessions, no crying, no complaining, just good ole fashion fun playing with the pets while photographing! 

Lady Grey

This gorgeous little kitten is the love of our lives. My husband and I got her in July in the midst of moving to a new place, and studying for the bar exam. One morning I woke him and told him we just had to go get a kitten. Kevin picked her out, and we named her after my favorite tea "Lady Grey"

She is hilarious, and very naughty. We are terrible at disciplining her, and she runs around doing whatever she pleases. She likes to ride around on our shoulders, and if you don't stoop down to let her climb up, she has been known to launch herself off something to try and climb up to your shoulders. 

A & C Engagement

A&C are some of my favorite people. "A" (the female in the photo) went to law school with me and I was just so thrilled when they got engaged. These two are true dog lovers, insisting on having their dog in engagement photos. He was such a trooper :) We did these photos on East Campus, where A and I spent the majority of our time the last 3 years. 
Looking forward to their wedding next year!