Smith Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were lucky to have avoided the expected rain on their wedding day! We loved capturing the getting ready photos of this amazing wedding. The two of them have been waiting for this day to arrive for over a year, congratulations! 

Downtown Engagement

The stormy weather this week made for a beautifully cloudy day for engagement photos! This couple will be married later this year..and they have everything all planned out for the big day! We look forward to celebrating with them in a few months! 

G Wedding

Our first wedding post-baby was a blast! We had so much fun photographing the G Wedding, and we absolutely loved all the wintery touches the bride and groom added to their day! I just have to say how impressed I am that the bride made all the muffs for the bridesmaids! Thankfully they lucked out with wonderful weather for their outdoor winter wedding! 

Joyce Wedding

We were so excited to celebrate the wedding of Abby and Marlin this week! These two and a beautiful courthouse wedding, and we were thrilled to celebrate with their closest friends. Congratulations to you both! 

Engagement Session

These two were absolutely hilarious during their engagement session! They are yet another of our 2017 weddings that we are so excited for this year! These two would not stop joking around and giggling all during their session, which was such a fun way to spend a photoshoot! 

M Family

This week has been all about photographing many of my regular clients! This family first came to me before their youngest was even born...and now they are expecting their third! The boys are getting to be so much fun to see interact with each other, and how fascinating they find the world around them! 

D wedding

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Dearing! These two were married this past Saturday in downtown Omaha...and they lucked out with some incredibly beautiful October weather! These two decided not to see each other before the wedding, so that meant making the most of the time we had together in between the wedding and reception for sunset photos! 

Parrott Wedding

We had such a great time with this awesome bride and groom this weekend! First I have to say how much I love this first photo, because it just describes how blissfully happy these two were on Saturday! Plus, we love photos with the Omaha skyline! 
Congratulations to you both! 

Senior 2017

The perfect way to spend a Friday evening is in the old market! This lovely lady is a Senior this year, and she looked absolutely fabulous in her senior photos! Can't wait to be sharing these with her soon! 

Emma- Senior

Emma was a complete joy to photograph for her Senior session! Her mother kept saying she was a bit of a tomboy, which you never would have recognized for as gracefully as she wore these beautiful dresses in her session! 

Mason- 5 years

Last year Mason and I were photographing him for his 4 year he is 5 and doing awesome! We headed downtown to take his picture, and although it was crazy hot outside, he had so much energy and was clearly quite a happy kid! We even spent a little time going down the slides downtown (one of my favorite things ever!) 

F Family (Batman & Superman)

Omaha should feel safe with these two crime-fighting superheros out to protect the city! I've been photographing this family for over 3 years now, and I loved their idea of having the boys in super hero outfits for their session! We got to run and jump, and even fly (except I was corrected that batman does not fly!) 

Cici- 4 years

This little young lady is 4 years old (but sure acts like she is a teenager!) We changed it up this year now that she is older, and headed to the old market for her session! Gone are the days were she would listen to me and let me pose her...this girl knows what she wants and where she wants her photo taken! 

J & A

This fantastic couple is getting married this summer and we celebrated by taking engagement photos at the Pedestrian Bridge here in Omaha. Why that location? Well you may notice that these two have a Iowa/Nebraska rival going on, so it was some great neutral ground! We incorporated some great family photos to celebrate as well! 

K & J Engagement

Oh boy these two cuties were a blast to photograph yesterday in the Old Market! I will say, this is the first time I've had photos downtown (since it has been so cold) since the fire at M's Pub, and it was really sad to see how much the place has changed. 
K & J may have been a bit chilly from the bitter wind we've had lately, but these two held up like true champs! Can't wait to photograph their wedding this year! 

Talamantes Wedding

This rowdy crew was so much fun to photograph at last weekend's wedding! We enjoyed celebrating with them and photographing their special day! Mr. and Mrs. Talamantes were joined by friends and family at their traditional wedding ceremony in Bellevue and joyful reception in the Old Market. Congratulations to you both, and thank you for asking us to photograph your big day! 

Tiara Senior 2016

It was so much fun seeing Tiara again after last year's family photo session! She is just starting her Senior year and rocked her Old Market photo session yesterday! What a beautiful young lady! We had a great session finding new and exciting places to photograph around downtown! Good luck this year Tiara! 

J & A Wedding

The wedding of J & A was absolutely spectacular! Their venue in the Old Market is probably one of my new favorites. These two were awesome, so laid back, so ready to celebrate with their family and friends--Congratulations you two! 

L Family

Last time I saw this family, we were doing an awesome home session for M's birthday! It was so fun to see them all playing outside together and enjoying the beautiful day! This little girl is a riot, if you look carefully you may see her chewing on some skittles during the session! 

J & A

J & A were so awesome during yesterday's session! These two will be getting married in downtown Omaha this fall... and we decided an engagement session was a great way to scope out awesome locations for the wedding party ! Rex came with us too!
Looking forward to celebrating with them at their wedding soon!