H family

The H Family took advantage of their oldest being home from college as a reason to take some updated family photos! Last year we had an extremely chilly fall/winter day for photos, that we were thrilled to have a beautiful 80 degree evening for these photos! 

S Family- 1 year Cake Smash

I've had a blast watching these two brothers grow up together, and this weekend we are celebrating the youngest turning one! That means we had one of the most fun sessions....a cake smash! This little guy loved the frosting so much that he got it all over his face, in his ears and eyelashes! I will say, he gave up quickly because he had such a long hard day...so make sure to check out the last picture where he decides cake isn't all that important once you get tired! 


These twins rocked their photo shoot this weekend! They are one year old...and already moving around like crazy! Walking isn't quite in the cards yet, but lots of standing and crawling! 

H Family

Oh boy, where do I even begin with this family! I've know Mrs. H for likely my entire life, and I loved photographing her family of three! We were celebrate this little guy's 1/2 birthday! He is 6 months old, and just so giggly and cute! 

Z Family

I was so thrilled we were able to reschedule the Z family session after all my Lincoln sessions were rained out last month! We had a great session in the park, and so did their dog! What a perfect little family of 3! 

A Family

The A Family came to me to have a family session combined with their youngest son's 18 month session! We had a great time at the park on one of the most beautiful February days we could have hoped for! 

Z family

We had to reschedule the Z family a few time because of the bitter cold we had been experiencing in early January, but we lucked out this past weekend for their snowy winter session! We played in the snow, ran across the bridge and practiced throwing leaves up like it was fall! 

The Rincon Family

Tis the season for fall family sessions! This awesome group came to me for their session this weekend, and they did awesome! I'll be honest, I was a little hesitant when I saw 3 boys come out of the car...but they did so great!!! 

E fam

Guess who is going to be a big brother very soon! They are expecting a baby girl this December! I first met the E family at their family photo session last fall...and I was so thrilled to hear they were adding another soon! Congratulations

M Family

I would never have recognized this little guy without his parents around! Last time I saw him, he was in his crib for his newborn session at his home! I was so thrilled to see him and the parents again for a beautiful fall session! He was such a trooper and smiled til the very last photo! 

L Family

I would never have recognized this family, because last time I saw them was back in 2012 for a family session! Since that, the oldest moved out of state, and came back recently and made sure to find me again for family photos! We even made it a point to recreate some of the photos we took 4 years ago, so they could have them to compare! What a great idea! 

Baby Bronc- 6 Months

Check out this little stud! Bronc is 6 months old, and doing awesome! We had the pleasure of photographing his mom & dad's wedding a short year ago...and we loved seeing them again for their family session! To think of the crazy wonderful year these 3 have had...it was great to see them again! 

Levi- 2 Years

Check out this smile! This kid did awesome in his 2 year photos, he was running, smiley and all around fantastic! Such a joyful little guy! He has so much energy, I just don't know how his mom keeps up! 

The L family

I haven't decided which I love most....meeting new clients are seeing past clients return to me! The L family is another of my first time clients this fall that contacted me to schedule a family session for their Christmas cards! I loved the two kids, the youngest is about 10 months old and is walking around like crazy, while her big brother holds her hand and runs with her all over! These guys were awesome! 

Baby Z

Baby Z is finally here! Not so long ago his parents were meeting me for the first time to plan their maternity session, and now he is here and ready to be photographed! I'm excited to be capturing every 3 months of this guy's first year of life! Such a little stud! 

The H Family

The H Family came to me to celebrate this guy turning 2 years old! He got a guitar for his birthday so he could play music just like dad! I loved how excited he was to run and play! Oh, and even better he has no idea he is going to be a big brother very soon! 

R Family

I had such a blast with these 3 little girls during our family session! They were chatty, loving towards each other...and I loved watching the middle one imitate everything her big sister did :) They were just previous and so much fun! 


We had an extra special session with Mason for his birthday---we got to draw with chalk in the park! He was so much fun, and so full of energy! You could tell he was loving his special mom & Mason time! We talked all about his favorite character, Elmo...and what sort of ice cream he would be getting after his session!