I'm Kitty, the photographer of Lady Grey Photography. 

I absolutely love what I do. I am a natural light photographer ready to capture your special moments on camera.  I pride myself on making photography affordable. I believe every occasion or no occasion at all can be reason to hire a photographer, so why not make AWESOME photography affordable for everyone? 

Where is Lady Grey Photography? We are based out of Omaha, Nebraska, but love to travel and work with clients from other areas as well. We've traveled to Seattle for engagement photos, Denver for family photos, Nashville for a wedding... we take big and small trips for clients that love our work!

What sessions do I book?  Just about everything! Weddings, engagements, maternity, newborn, senior photos, pet photos, families, birthday parties, corporate headshots, just to name a few.  I love what I do, I love people, and I love sharing my work with others. I consider myself a natural light photographer, which means my specialty is using the natural light around me to make your photos amazing! 

What else can I tell you? I am one-half of a very creative couple. My husband is a graphic designer, and we make a wonderful team. A fun story about us: Kevin proposed in 2012 by pretending to be a photo client! When I met my new client for a session, SURPRISE! There he was with flowers and a ring (he was living in Denver at the time...so it was a big surprise!) We were married in February of 2013 after dating since 2008. When we went to plan the big day, we decided to run off to Europe together rather than have a wedding (Who could pass up wedding photos under the Eiffel tower?) 

Who is this man on the left? That is my husband and business partner, Kevin! You may come across Kevin for our larger events, as he is my second photographer at weddings and other sessions that may need an extra hand. Kevin is a graphic designer, and we've been together since college. Working with my husband is an absolute joy! When I first started digital photography (I initially started with film) he taught me everything I needed to know about Photoshop. If I ever get stuck on a particular edit, he is the one who always knows what to do! 

1502293_553206004762653_1570078151_o (1).jpg

What do I do during the day? Surprise! I'm a lawyer on the weekdays, and a photographer on my nights and weekends. Like I said, I truly love my photography business, so just because I have another full-time job doesn't mean I'll be giving up my passion for photographing others! 

Do I have kids? Funny you should ask...yes! The newest member of our family arrived in December 2016 and we are just smitten with our daughter, Lorelai (shown on the left). She is the love of our lives, and we couldn't be more excited to be parents. Each day she teaches us something new. We are expecting another baby girl in February 2019 as well!

Wondering who this furball is above? That is our cat, Lady Grey! We are crazy about our cat and we've even named our etsy shop and photography business after her, Lady Grey. To date, she has not taken very kindly to her little sister, Lorelai, but we hope they will become best friends some day. Lorelai certainly loves Lady Grey and always wants to play with her. 

Feel free to contact me, ask questions, book a session and browse around!