This little girl and her stuffed cat were just my favorite! She had so much imagination and love for her parents, which made this session extra special! Now they will always remember how much she loved this little toy! 

J Family

We've been photographing this family ever since they were married, and we love seeing how much their family changes year after year! This little guy is quite the energetic kiddo...and we loved his energy! 

Anniversary Shoot

These two thought the perfect way to celebrate their one year anniversary was with a photo shoot where he proposed! We love anniversary sessions, because we also do them for our anniversary and it  is a super special way to celebrate! Hope to see them again next year! 

K wedding

Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom from this weekend's wedding! We lucked out yet again with a gorgeous October fall day, perfect for outdoor photos! This couple was all about celebrating their big day that finally arrived! 

L Family

2 years ago we were photographing the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. L and we'd been taking family photos long before then! This group is always so easy to photograph, which makes my job even easier! Loved spending Saturday morning catching up with these four! 

S family

I've  been photographing this crew for at least 4 years, and I love seeing them grow each and every year! Their youngest is really coming into her personality, while their oldest got her drivers license this month! What a fantastic group! 

M family

The M family enjoyed a beautiful Saturday morning for their family photos! We had a great time chatting after the session too, because I had a lot in common with both their kids. One is starting law school, so we chatted about how I promised it wouldn't be as bad as people say....and their daughter wants to do business school and her MBA (which I'm about halfway through my MBA right now) so we talked a lot about future plans and school!
Such a lovely family, and I was thrilled to be able to photograph them while the kids are still in town for the summer! 

Matt and Mollie

Matt and Mollie are getting married this October! We had a wonderful engagement session this weekend, and even taped their "love story' video for the wedding reception (you can watch the video at the bottom of the page) they event brought their two daughters (their dogs) with them to celebrate in the occasion!  

Baby C

Congratulations to this wonderful couple who are excited to be meeting Baby Girl C at the end of this month! We actually did a holiday (4th of July) session, and we couldn't have asked for better July weather! Can't wait to be photographing Baby C in a few weeks! 

J Family

I've been photographing the J Family for a few years now, and it was just this fall we were celebrating at the wedding of their daughter and new son-in-law. I loved that they came for updated family photos to get the newest member of the family in their photos this year! Such a wonderful group! 

M Family

This weekend was all about extended family photo sessions, and we kicked the weekend off with the M Family! I loved all their bright colors for photos, and we just barely missed the rain on Saturday...which made for some perfect weather for taking pictures! All the kids were just perfect (thanks in large part to the cooler of treats that were carried around!) 

L Family

This cute little family came to me for their first photo session with us this past week! I loved seeing the three of them interact, and believe it or not, this little girl was smiley the whole session! It was such a beautiful day for photos, and such a photogenic bunch! 

W family

I love seeing families grow each time I photograph them! This little guy is turning one, and it seemed like just yesterday we were taking his newborn photos! We did great during his session, giggled, played and all around was awesome in front of the camera!

A & K Engagement

What a beautiful Spring day for engagement photos! The trees were blooming, and we were able to get some awesome shots Saturday morning! We spent a little time talking wedding details, and I can't wait to see these two again on their big day!

H Family: Maternity

It seems like overnight every tree in Omaha started blooming...Spring is here! We celebrated with a maternity session yesterday for the H family! They decided they wanted to be surprised at the hospital whether their little baby would be a girl or a boy. We had a great mini session with these proud, soon-to-be first time parents! 

S Family

The S family came to me this weekend for a quick mini  session for holiday cards! These two twins did awesome and rocked their session! We enjoyed some of the last of the green leaves and grass for this session! 

Christmas Minis

This weekend was the perfect weekend for some Christmas Mini Sessions! We brought out a few holiday themed props and had a blast with 3 new clients! I wish I had the ability to do Christmas themed mini sessions more often...these went great! 

L Family

It was this time last year that we were all at Joslyn Castle celebrating the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. L! I was thrilled to find a message waiting for me from them this fall asking for updated family photos! These girls are growing up so fast and are just to cutest little curly haired girls around!