C & L

September seems far away....until you are planning a wedding! We had the opportunity to capture engagement photos of C & L before their upcoming fall wedding, and we are so excited to be celebrating with them in a few short months! 


We loved this sunset engagement session with one of our 2018 couples! They were in town just for a short while for the holidays, and we were so glad we could snap some engagement photos while they were here! 

Smith Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were lucky to have avoided the expected rain on their wedding day! We loved capturing the getting ready photos of this amazing wedding. The two of them have been waiting for this day to arrive for over a year, congratulations! 

K Wedding

Absolutely loved this Crete, Nebraska wedding! This couple went to the bride's family farm for photos before the ceremony, and I absolutely fell in love with this place. It was a photographers dream, and the couple were just the ideal relaxed bride and groom! I loved celebrating with them....but I especially loved the polka band they had at the reception! 

B Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Buford were married on Saturday in Ashland, and they could not have picked a more wonderful day! These two met in high school, and have been together ever since! I absolutely loved their laid back attitude, and so many handmade touches on every aspect of the event! 

H Wedding

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. H on their wedding this month! These two were high school sweethearts, which made the wedding that much more amazing. We had such a great time in Nebraska city, it was a beautiful (and very hot) day! Congrats!

E Wedding

There were so many special touches at the E Wedding this past weekend, it was so much fun capturing them all! We loved how the bride and groom through in so much of their personality into everything and made sure to have LOTS of fun at their reception! 

Anniversary Shoot

These two thought the perfect way to celebrate their one year anniversary was with a photo shoot where he proposed! We love anniversary sessions, because we also do them for our anniversary and it  is a super special way to celebrate! Hope to see them again next year! 

Plambeck Wedding

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Plambeck! I was so thrilled to be asked to photograph this couple's wedding, and uniting of families! I first met the bride when we worked together at Starbucks a number of years back, and I loved seeing how blissfully happy she was on her big day! What a beautiful wedding! 

Scheele Wedding

We loved seeing how the Scheele wedding incorporated the bride's love for her two new step daughters. These girls were just wonderful, and you could tell they absolutely loved their new mom! We had a wonderful time celebrating with them, and although the weather was gloomy the couple was so full of warmth and love! 

Underhal wedding

There aren't many couples who are lucky enough to be married in a castle...but these two made sure to find one for their fairy-tale wedding. We loved visiting Castle Unicorn for this event, and we couldn't have asked for a more lovely couple! 

Downtown Engagement

The stormy weather this week made for a beautifully cloudy day for engagement photos! This couple will be married later this year..and they have everything all planned out for the big day! We look forward to celebrating with them in a few months! 

Kennedy Maternity

Two years ago we were taking engagement photos downtown of the soon-to-be Kennedy Family...and now they are expecting a precious little boy! We were so excited to return to a few of the same spots we first took their photos, and cannot wait to meet their little boy!