Lorelai- Nursery Session

Our little girl is 3 weeks old, and we finally felt a little less tired and up for the challenge of her nursery photo shoot! (It required me to do something with my hair, which I haven't done since before she was born...so I made sure I was good and ready to spend time on this, rather than precious sleep). It's amazing to think all that work we put into decorating the nursery, and she is finally here living in her room. We laughed about how we had this room closed off ever since we bought the home, because we found out we were expecting about a week before putting in the offer here (so we had earmarked this room as the nursery the whole time) and now it seems we are spending every waking moment in here with our girl feeding her, changing her, or rocking her to sleep (then falling asleep ourselves). 
We just love her so much, and especially now when she is sleeping :)