Holiday Mini Sessions Details

We have 11 Christmas Mini sessions scheduled for November over 2 weekends, and we are looking forward to it! You all are concluding the end of our 2016 photography season, as I'm 8 months pregnant and will be taking a short break after this. We are now scheduling February 2017 onward, so keep that in mind if you're looking at sessions early this Spring! 


What: Holiday Mini Sessions. Each client has reserved a 20 minute session spot. 

When: November 12th and 19th (Saturdays) starting at 8:30 ending at 11:30

Location: We will be photographing at Memorial Park, near the Omaha Rose Society Rose Garden. The entrance is just off Underwood Avenue, West of 52nd street. There is a large circle drive that should allow plenty of parking. I'll plan to take my silver mini van, and will make a point to add a sign or something to the back of it in case you are worried you are in the wrong place. 
Here is a link to the location We picked this location because of the pine trees (see above) which are great for holiday themed sessions.

Arrival: If you arrive early, you're welcome to sit in your car or walk around. We will be photographing another session before you most likely. You're welcome to come find me so you're ready for your session, but please just note I'll be with another client at that time. I have a 10 minute buffer in between each session, but that is for everything from answering questions for the session that is ending to finding my next client, taking a water break etc. 

Photographs: Each of you will receive 10+ photos from your session. The photos will be edited and uploaded to dropbox with a link for you to download in high resolution. As always a print release is provided if needed when printing. Please note you need to download and save your photos within 30 days as the link may become inactive after that. 

Turnaround: We anticipate a 2-3 day turnaround for photos...plenty of time for your Christmas cards! 

Weather Issues: If rain is expected, we will make the determination that morning if we will need to reschedule sessions. There is not a backup indoor location, as that is part of the fun of these sessions...being outside! Rain is about the only weather related issue that would cause us to reschedule this time of year.  We expect you to be checking whatever electronic medium you initially contacted us at in order to get a hold of you for any issues (email or facebook). If you want us to text a cell number, please send that to us. 

Payment: You paid the $70 fee to book your slot, so no payment is required that day. 

Optional CD of All Photographs: Many of you know that I'm known for giving clients a CD of all photos taken at the session, in unedited format. For a session such as this, I would expect around 100-300 photos taken during  your session. Since this is a mini session special (discounted from normal mini session rates) we are discounting this option to $25 (normally $40). This discount applies if you purchase the CD prior to your session (at least 24 hours ahead so I can update my list). If you pay at the session or after, it will be the regular $40 cost for the CD. If you're not familiar with purchasing the unedited photo CD, the benefit is that you get to see every photo shot at your session. The photos are usable, but not perfected like the edited ones will be. You can purchase single edited photos for $10 per photo after buying the CD. If you are buying the CD, please send me a note first, then you can make payment via the website. As a reminder, part of my requirement for purchasing an unedited CD is that nothing unedited goes on social media :) 

Props: As always, feel free to bring whatever props you would like! You can bring pets too, but I ask if you do not want them in all photos to bring someone along to help out that is not in the photographs. We do bring some fun Holiday props, but you are in no way required to use holiday props in these sessions. 

Outfit suggestions: This time of year, it is especially important to incorporate as much color and pattern as you feel comfortable with! Other than that, I suggest checking out Pinterest for great family photo outfit ideas! 

*Please be on time, as you're all scheduled back to back! We will not be able to accommodate families that aren't on time, because it would eat into another client's session time.