Every now and again I like to share a little sneak peak into my life! 
This is one of my new favorite pictures. Here is why: 

1. This is our new place that we moved into this summer...so we don't have many pictures of it.
2. This basically describes our family unit perfectly...the two of us...and our cats whom we love. Lady Grey is the gray cat at the bottom, and our newest member of the family is Gallifrey up in the left corner. We got him this summer as a stray when he was just 6 weeks old. 
3. My favorite part is that this is the closest these cats have ever been. Yes, they are both asleep, but they currently still hate each other. Gallifrey is the most obnoxious cat I've ever met, so I can't blame Lady Grey for hating him. That being said, in this photo you can't tell that Lady Grey growls whenever the kitten gets within 10 yards of her....or that they wake us up at night fighting...or that on multiple occasions we've found huge tufts of gray hair in Gal's mouth. 

So there you have it, our little family!