Using A Second Shooter

I thought the Kingsley wedding would be a great way for me to show off how much I love photographing weddings with a second shooter. As you may know, my second shooter is almost always my husband. He is crazy talented and I always tell people he taught me everything I know about Photoshop! It is true! We met my sophomore year of college, where he was studying to be a graphic I started learning from him back in 2008! He has been stuck with me every since :) 

What I love about photographing with him, is he has an eye for detail and composition. He sees things that I don't, and as a team we can work to take even more photos in a short period of time then we ever could alone! Take a look at these photos, in each pair one photo is from my camera, the other is from his and are taken within seconds of each other! How fun right?? Whenever possible I suggest for any event that my clients add on a second shooter to make the most of their photography experience!