Our New Project: Videography

Lady Grey is looking at breaking out into videography. We made our first mini video this weekend driving back from this weekend's wedding.

What did we learn:
1. Cars shake...a lot
2. I need my sensor cleaned as there is a spot that doesn't show up on photos but does on video (getting this done this week)
3. We love this
4. We want more practice!

That being said we are looking at a couple large events (weddings, anniversary parties etc.) to help us break out into the market.

1.We would charge just $200 to come for up to 5 hours of your event.
2. Event must be between now and December.
3. If it isn't local, we may charge travel fees.
4. Also you can't already have a videographer at your event!

We're hoping to give people a great video that they wouldn't otherwise have of the event!

Contact to get more information!