This is my husband, Kevin. 
He has been training in photography for a while and assisting when I need a second shooter. Believe it or not, I'm not always easy to work with as I can be a little demanding and scatterbrained at the same time (the lawyer + photographer combo if you will). 
The beauty of having my husband along is he can read my mind. We've been together since we were both 20, and he is certainly my perfect match.

This guy was so incredibly helpful this weekend when I needed some assistance at a new location, trying a few new photo tricks. Some days we simply ask each other if we want to go out "shooting" and away we go with our cameras. 

Did I mention he is a graphic designer? There are days when I want to throw our Mac out the window, and he patiently comes by to help me (often saying first "how in the world did you even mess this up?!) He is the most patient, and fun loving man I know. We own our etsy shop together (Lady Grey Shop) and now he has joined me in photography! I couldn't ask for a better business partner!