Snapshot of Your Photographer

I love that so many of my clients come back to me time and time again for more photos, and its been so much fun getting to know so many of you. I'd like to share a little more about your photographer! I'm hoping to give you a snapshot into my life on a more regular basis, and use it to tell you more about myself! Here we go! 

So here is where the photo processing magic happens. My husband is a graphic designer, and with my need for perfected photo editing we share the Mac when it comes to our work projects. 

So this is our work place. 

I'll use this photo to tell you a little more about ourselves. 

1. We love our cat. We got Lady Grey about a year ago, she was a stray that the Humane Society picked up. We fell in love right when we saw her. It took a few days to name her, but because of our love of Twinning tea...we went with Lady Grey. She has such a strong personality, and so naughty! Our photography business and our etsy page is both named after her! 

2. The box. This is our newest addition to the desk. Little Lady Grey has been getting in our way photo editing. We decided to add a box to our desk, it works amazingly well actually. In case you're not a cat person you may not know this, but cats love boxes. This is an old coke crate my dad has had in our garage since before I was born. I use this in baby sessions every now and then. Kevin and I have a small place, so we try to use our photo props in our every day lives!

3. Wedding photo. You may not be able to tell but right above the computer is a wedding photo. We eloped to Europe instead of having the big wedding, and hired an amazing photographer to take gorgeous wedding photos of us in front of some of the most spectacular scenes in Paris. 

4. Vintage cameras. Not much to say, except we collect them and absolutely love them. Our whole apartment is decorated in them. 

5. One Year Down Sign. First, my amazing husband designed this faux chalkboard print. We sell this for just $6 on etsy here! We used this in our own personal one year anniversary photos this February. 

6. Globe. This represents 2 things. We absolutely love to travel (almost as much as we love Lady Grey) and also I'm a crafter. We painted this old globe to represent both of those loves. 

That's about it! Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about your photographer :)