My Photoshop Love/Hate

Photoshop is my editing program of choice. Why do I love it? It's good. Once you learn how to use it (I've been using is 3-4 years and still learn something new every day) it can be a huge tool.

Why do I hate it sometimes? There is something about a photo, unedited, that can be so beautiful. Babies don't have perfectly smooth faces, sometimes the light lets in a little extra's life! I've been working over the last few years, learning to edit less and make my photos more natural.

What else do I think about photoshop? Sometimes I think clients can be a little unrealistic as to what I can do (or how much time it takes me to do something) in photoshop. I get things like "you can edit out this water spill down the front of my shirt" or editing closed eyes open, and people in the background of a downtown photo session. Its a rarity to get too many crazy demands, but I love my job because I get to take a snapshot of the world around us, and keep it as natural as possible. 

Sometimes, I really love to test my skills. For example, this little girl.

(left is obviously straight out of the camera, while the right is after photoshop)

In the grand scheme of things, I love Photoshop, and would certainly recommend it to other photographers!