The Inside Look In My Camera Bag

If you've had a session with me, you may have noticed my mustard yellow camera bag (disguised as a purse). It was a gift from my now husband when we were dating. I love that thing, and I take it with me everywhere! Clients that have never met me I usually say look for the large mustard bag, and you've probably got the right person! I love having a camera bag purse, as it looks cute, holds lots of stuff and protects my gear with padded dividers. 

So whats in this yellow bag? Well let me pull it all out and show you! 

2 Camera bodies- You don't have to have 2, but I usually do. Its great to have a backup, and better yet I love keeping 2 difference lenses on the cameras, so I don't have to stop and switch lenses. The photo shows only one because I was using my 2nd to take the photo :) 

Backup Batteries- My spare batteries are all off brand from amazon. Usually half the price for twice as many batteries! The battery life is usually just fine, although some reviews are pretty negative. They are great for backups!

Lots of Memory Cards- You never know! Unfortunately my two camera bodies use both different batteries and different memory cards, bleck! 

Lenses- Whatever lenses you think you'll be needing for that session. I have a telephoto lens that I often leave at home for regular portrait sessions. I don't need the extra weight on my shoulders!

Flash and batteries- If I'm shooting outdoors, I often leave this at home as well. I don't care for the extra bulk, but if you need it...keep it on you! 

Lens Hood- Use when needed. They are light, so I always have them handy. 

White balance card- I keep this with me at all times. I go through phases of using it and not. With photoshop, I usually make small adjustments afterward if needed

Tissue- from allergies to baby'll be glad you have these. Either for you or your client, you'll seem much more prepared.

Chapstick- Don't go anywhere without it. No need for you to be miserable during a session without some chapstick!

Chalk- I keep this with me for the sessions where I use a chalkboard prop

Business cards- Hand them out after the session! I give my clients a referral discount on their next session if they refer someone to me! Great way to get your name out there.

Items not shown but often making an appearance in my bag: 

Pen- Many people write checks, you'll always want to offer a pen to make payment go smoothly! I forgot to take this out of the bag for my photos

Bobby pins, Safety Pins, Hair spray- If you do many Senior sessions, these are great to keep with you! I always try to keep safety pins and a couple bobby pins. I rarely carry hairspray for a regular photo session.

Clients phones, keys as needed- I offer to hold client's phones and keys as a courtesy, and to make my photos better. There is nothing worse than awkward bumps and bulges from phones and keys in pockets.

Depending on the session or what is going on that day, I may have other goodies in my bag. I wouldn't be surprised if you found a granola bar, my ipad mini (for keeping track of my schedule), or maybe even a children's toy for waiving around during photos!  Put it all back and you're ready to go!