Lady Grey Photography

After about a year of debating changing the name of my photography business, it finally happened! Today I decided it was time to start the process of switching over everything to our new name, Lady Grey Photography!

Why The Name Change? The change was decided because quite frankly...I'm not longer Kitty Vogt. I was married over a year ago, and changed my name not long after. I've still held my business in my maiden name, but decided it was time for a change! Also, as my husband, Kevin, assists more with our photography business I hope to include him more in the future. Kevin is my second photographer for larger events, and with his degree in Graphic Design, spent time teaching me photoshop many years ago. He has been a huge asset to our business, and I look forward to Kevin becoming more involved!

Why Lady Grey? You may not know...but Kevin and I have one true love in this world (other than each other) Our love came to us last summer, when we brought home a new little kitten we fondly named "Lady Grey". She is our inspiration, and we named our business after her. We also have an etsy shop that we named after her last fall, you can find the shop here.

How Will This Affect My Current Clients? It will affect you very little, if any! If you have a contract with me, or sessions currently booked...of course nothing will change! My emails are still going through, and we now have a new email address associated with the new name change. Gift cards, and referral vouchers are still good. It is still your same photographer, with the same awesome skills that I've always had :) If you have liked the facebook page, it is still using the same page, however the url has changed if you direct any friends/family to our page. Please direct them to from now on.

Please hang tight as I go through and change all the items that need changing! We will still need new business cards, new releases for printing, a new blog header, and a few other things to make the switch complete. If you have any questions, please let me know!

(our little Lady Grey!)